Tajweed Qaida Course

Tajweed Qaida Course

Qaida is the base for learning the Quran. With the help of experienced online Qaida Tutors, we have developed a comprehensive online Qaida course for both kids and adults.
For those just starting, this is an excellent place to start. It is impossible to recite the Holy Quran without knowing basic rules correctly. The course begins by teaching students the Alphabet in Arabic. Reading the Arabic language and the Quran with tajweed rules is recommended for those who don't know Arabic.

What's special about the Qaida course?

Taking a Qaida course is the first step in learning to read the Quran. Children who want to learn the Quran, they must take this course. It is also possible to teach the Quran to adults who have no prior knowledge of how to do so.
Students can learn Tajweed Rules of Arabic with the help of Qaida exercises. Introducing the Arabic Alphabet in the tajweed Qaida course. With the help of our highly qualified online Quran tutors, students can learn even the most challenging activities quickly.

Outline of the course

  • You'll learn to recognize Arabic letters in various forms and pronunciations.
  • You'll learn the emission points of the Arabic Alphabet.
  • Learn the fundamentals of tajweed here.
  • You will learn how to pronounce the Quran as you read it correctly.
  • You'll learn the fundamentals of Islam.

For a Qaida Course, What Makes Our Academy Different?

Our online Quran academy is the go-to source for students worldwide when it comes to online Quran classes. With our tajweed Qaida Course, beginners will get successful. It's all about you in our one-on-one online Qaida classes, where you'll get one-on-one attention from your assigned male or female teacher, who'll be available 24/7 for their students.
Like a mosque, you are not obligated to attend class in person, and you can access your lesson's content online from anywhere in the world. Based on your hectic schedule, you can also select courses at times that work best for you. Choosing our academy for the tajweed Qaida Course will be the best choice for your family, as we have many satisfied students.