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Online Quran Academy is an online institute for teaching the Quran to the people of the USA. It is the biggest hustle to find the best online Quran teacher in the USA. We provide our services all over us like New York, California, Texas, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, Illinois, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, etc. Our academy offers one-on-one courses with flexibility of time and highly qualified and expert teachers of the Quran. Quran is the only book that everyone should learn and understand its concepts. We are providing courses for kids and adults with no age limit. We have a team of passionate online Quran teachers who provide the best services to the candidates registered with us.

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Honest Reviews about learning the Quran online

If you or your child have problems learning the Holy Quran online, then we are here to solve your problem. Online Quran classes are the quick fixes to your problem. From our online Quran classes, you or your child can easily learn the teaching of the Holy Quran just by sitting at your home. No matter wherever in the world you reside, we can provide our services through access to the internet. What you need to have? Is any device like a mobile phone or a laptop and a stable internet connection? Online Quran classes for kids are the easiest way to get an education in the holy Quran.

How can we make our kids learn the Quran online?

We do not require a lot of hassle in availing of the services. You register yourself, and you or your child will be enrolled in the classes. We also provide demo classes by giving you two weeks of demo sessions. After attending these sessions, it is effortless to get enrolled the next day; you can easily take the class through zoom, Google meets, Skype, or any application that is convenient to you and according to the timing.

Do online Academies teach like other institutes?

After the prevalence of the coronavirus all around the world and the increase in the use of social among the youth, online academies and online classes have been very beneficial. It finishes the barrier of distance, and no matter where you are in any state, country, continent, or city, you connect to your internet and can easily attend the class through the internet. Nowadays, it is common for people living in western countries to make their children or themselves learn the Holy Quran through online learning. Online Quran academies serve us so professionally that it does not even feel like we are taking online classes, but it is better than physical institute these days.

You study in a supportive environment –

While looking with us virtually, you'll be a participant in a supportive community of like-minded students. You can connect with other candidates in our chat forums and get help and advice from our team of moderators.

Qualities of online Quran classes

We have different courses according to your requirements. No matter if you are an adult or a kid, these classes are for everyone. We have highly experienced staff, and we proffer flexible timings. We have tutors who can speak a bunch of languages; no matter what language you speak, we possess quick fixes to all your worries. At Online Quran classes for adults, we educate the Quran through electronic learning with appropriate Quran recitation and tajweed, and all the rules of Arabic are appropriately explained

Advantages of studying the Quran online

For everyone and easily accessible

The most beneficial characteristics of electronic learning are that convenient for everyone, and learning has been made easier. So many people find it to keep a balance between Islam and work-life, so with the help of online Quran classes, it has become easier to gain knowledge.


Getting an education about the Holy Quran is not as expensive as it sounds. Many people assume that it might be costly and they cannot afford it, but it is not what they think. This learning method is very cheap, and the charges are similar to those at places where it is taught physically. Also, many academies provide super helpful discounts,


Many parents question whether this is safe or not and whether it does do the so; for this question, the answer is yes because these academies are super secure. The feature for parental supervision is provided to the parents so they can easily supervise their children. So now no need to worry about this problem.

Helpful material

Suppose you have enrolled your child in a reliable online Quran academy. In that case, it is great because the dedicated and experienced Quran academies teach through different resources and e-learning sites, give online assignments and make them do those activities that help the individual learn quickly. It trains the brain to be creative. At the end of the month, tests and assessments are also conducted to make sure how much the child has understood.

Individual attention to everyone

Some individuals dislike studying in groups, and some kids don’t understand well in group studies because there is too much distraction. Well, it is entirely okay. So we have this great feature of one-on-one interactive sessions so that proper and complete attention can be given to one person at once. This way, one can easily ask questions, clear their doubts, and understand all the basic concepts rather than sitting silently in a grouped class.

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    "The teacher assigned to me is very kind and punctual. They only move to the next topic if the learner has fully grasped the previous one. The progress of a pupil can be seen, but it is gradual. The price is fair—worth a try."

    - Maryland, USA