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About Us

Online Quran Teacher

Welcome to Online Quran Teacher

Online Quran Academy is an online institute for teaching the Quran to the people of the USA. It is the biggest hustle to find the best online Quran teacher in the USA. We provide our services all over us like New York, California, Texas, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, Illinois, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, etc. Our academy offers one-on-one courses with flexibility of time and highly qualified and expert teachers of the Quran. Quran is the only book that everyone should learn and understand its concepts. We are providing courses for kids and adults with no age limit. We have a team of passionate online Quran teachers who provide the best services to the candidates registered with us.

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We run this institute that is not affiliated with any specific organization, Mosque, or learning center. We warmly welcome everyone keen to gain the knowledge of holy Quran. Our organization has a hard-working team of experienced workers in all the departments. We are here to provide you with experienced educators to acknowledge all the Muslim brothers and sisters, kids, and adults with the online teaching of the Holy Quran.

Our academy concedes that the majority of the people these days are occupied with too many responsibilities that consist of giving time to work, family, and studies so it gets quite tough for them to physical institutes like learning centers and mosques to educate themselves with the teachings of the Holy Quran. According to Islam females should learn Quran from female teachers so keeping these factors in mind we have come up with the idea of the online Quran academy where we serve the Muslim community by providing them one on one online classes so you can get the education of Holy Quran according to the suitable time.

Our Mission

We aim to provide education on the holy Quran to all Muslims around the globe. To serve children and adults by providing them with one on one online sessions under the supervision of qualified instructors.


  • Boosting up the morale of our students
  • Foster innovative ways to ensure perfect learning of the holy Quran.
  • Enlightening people to learn Holy Quran in an immersive manner.
  • Developing virtuous characters of the students
  • Developing virtuous characters of the students
  • Our method of providing education is very unique and beneficial. All the students who have been a part of any of our courses are completely satisfied with our services. We also give access to the service of trial classes that too free of cost.